building resilience

floorscoreMake style and endurance an everyday practice. With its patented vulcanization process using predominantly recycled rubber, Tuflex® Force™ Resilient Rubber Flooring tiles have been keeping sports and commercial facilities in peak condition since 1957.

features and benefits

> Contains 85% post-consumer recycled content and may contribute to the LEED® GreenBuilding Certification System.

> 27" x 27" Tuflex® Force™ Resilient Rubber Tiles are manufactured at 3/8" gauge (square or interlocking edges) using a patented process of simultaneous vulcanization of two recycled rubber components into one solid product. Interlocking tiles are 27" x 27" nominal.

> Resilient anti-fatigue surface that is excellent for free weight/work-out machine applications as well as rinks and animal care clinics.

> Non-porous surface provides an excellent barrier to soil, spills, stains and odors.

> Safety – exceeds OSHA and ADA standards for excellent traction and durability.

> Combine custom logo capabilities and you have the most complete answer for your sports or commercial flooring needs.

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Tuflex Force Colors 048 Berry w/Black Dahlia, Medium Gray 047 Vizcaya Palm w/Polo Green, Cappuccino 035 Delft Pansy w/Winsor, Doe 033 Doe w/Milk Chocolate, Beige 025 Light Gray w/Delft Pansy, Medium Gray 03 Charcoal w/Black Dahlia, Doe 01 Black Dahlia w/Medium Gray, Fjord 059 Plum Pudding w/Delft Pansy, Medium Gray 058 Blue Shadow w/Delft Pansy, Doe 056 Milk Chocolate w/Bark, Doe 052 Polo Green w/Vizcaya Palm, Milk Chocolate 049 Winsor w/Delft Pansy, Fjord
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