building resilience

The raised and textured patterns allow dirt and water to drain off of the walking surface, increasing traction and improving slip resistance. And our low profile versions are ideal for areas with small-wheeled vehicular traffic, such as retail stores, healthcare facilities, airport terminals and more.

features and benefits

> Natural resistance to bacteria and fungi when tested in accordance with ASTM G 21.

> PVC free rubber tiles are 1/8" gauge for durability and long wear.

> FlexOne pricing applies to all colors in the FlexTones® color matching system.

> Homogeneous color extends through the entire tile thickness.

> Available with color-matched stair treads, wall base and accessories.

> Flooring increases comfort by reducing leg fatigue and noise.

> Radial® rubber tile features raised 1" diameter disks in two profiles: a 0.035" high profile for areas needing extra traction, such as elevators and ramps, and a 0.020" low profile. May contribute to LEED® CI and NC credits MR 5.1, MR 5.2, MR 6.

> Radial® II rubber tile has 1-1/4" diameter disks with a beveled 0.020" low profile.

> Radial® III rubber tile has a unique 0.020" beveled low profile with raised 1-1/2" diameter disks that are offset with stylized diamond shapes.

> Weave rubber tile features a beveled 0.025" profile that creates a wonderful basket-weave design.

> Square2 rubber tile has a raised 1-1/4" texture with a beveled 0.025" profile thatmakes it a popular choice.

> Hammered rubber tile features a flat surface with an orange-peel finish to provide safe footing in high traffic areas.

> May be special ordered as IMO/Coast Guard certified.

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